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Programs adapted to your study

Our goal is to guide you on your university journey.

Our programs are designed so that you can meet all the admission requirements for a public university in Germany or Austria, providing you with guidance and support focused on your personal and academic projects.

Step by step, we have planned to achieve all the necessary objectives that will lead to the start of your selected study. We have concentrated on being able to cover everything you need to do on a personal and immigration level, so that you can stay in the country and open the way to a professional life. From intensive German language preparation

and validation of your school studies to guidance on immigration procedures and adapting to the local way of life, we will support you in everything you need. Everything is designed to offer you the best opportunities and resources on your way to a professional life in Germany – Austria.

In Germany or Austria

University Studies

This programme is aimed at those who wish to enter a public university in Germany or Austria. It starts with intensive German language training, together with validation and levelling of school studies to facilitate the fulfilment of entrance requirements.

In Germany or Austria


This programme is designed for professionals who have already graduated and are looking to broaden their knowledge and perspectives in Germany or Austria through a master’s degree. We provide the necessary guidance and orientation so that you can carry out this professional growth initiative in the country.

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We want you to stay !

With our support and guidance, it is very likely that you will find a place and goals to achieve during your studies.

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What are we looking for?

All our students share the same goal:

We want to guide all young people who plan their university studies in Germany or Austria. Where a German course, followed by studies at the Studienkolleg, Undergraduate/Bachelor’s and Master’s degree, are their main goal.


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